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Davis Trading has been an integral part of the Northwest Scrap Metal Industry offering competitive rates at a convenient location in the heart of Vancouver.

Whether you’re creating a new recycling strategy or updating an existing system, the links above will guide you to the appropriate information. In the event you are unable to find what you’re looking for please click the contact us link above to find the right person to speak with. Thank you for visiting!


Turn a cost into CASH & keep it out of the landfill!

Don’t pay to dispose of metal from a job site, Davis Trading buys all types of metal & recycles it on your behalf all while paying you. Contact us for details.


  1. Separate your Material: Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Insulated wires, Stainless Steel, Batteries, etc.
  2. Bring it in to 1100 Grant St or call us for additional options.
  3. Each type of material is then weighed by the pound.
  4. (Weight of your material) × (Price per pound) = Cash Back
  5. Immediate payment made to you or your company.


ALL non-contaminated METAL is RECYCLABLE!

Contractors – Steel/Aluminium frames, Steel/Aluminium window frames (w/out glass), fittings, handles – all METAL!

Plumbers – Copper/Steel/Lead pipe, Brass/Copper/Stainless fittings, Taps & Faucets w/ & w/out non-metal, Boiler coils, Steel/Cast Iron bath tubs – all METAL!

Electricians – ALL Insulated Copper Wire, ALL Insulated Aluminium Wire, Elevators Cable, Underground Cable, Tech Cable, Copper Coax, Junction Boxes Breakers/Panels (keep separate) – all WIRE/METAL!

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Some Of Our Products Include

Aluminum (SP)

We buy all forms of AL, including 6061 alloy, 6063 alloy, extrusion, wheels, gutters, sidings…

Copper & Brass

We buy all copper and brass material types. The most common are plumbing copper and brass, as well as marine & mining grade brass…

Insulated Copper Wire

There is a wide variety of uses for copper wire in today’s world from house to industrial to burial to auto – and they are all different….

Stainless Steel

We buy restaurant & Industrial food grade equipment; household sinks & similar items; mining and oi/gas application nickel alloys. The most common SS alloys we buy are 304, 316, 2205…


We buy various grades of ferrous material by the ton: steel ducting, warehouse racking, appliances, steel building material, structural iron, cast iron, HMS…


We buy all types Catalytic Converters; various types of Low Grade Material. Catalytic Converters are buy per piece while the Low Grade Material is purchase by the pound. The material usually consists of a variety of metals…

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#LME #Aluminium: $0.972
#USD: $1.256 #CDN

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#Comex #Copper: $3.0440
#LME #Aluminium: $0.967
#USD: $1.25 #CDN

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#LME #Aluminium: $0.937
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Happy belated Thanksgiving!
Davis Trading Market Update:
Comex Copper: $3.0440
LME Aluminium: $0.967
USD: $1.25 CDN$

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