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Keep it out of the landfill: All Metal Is Recyclable!

Cash back for excess material from a job site, renovation or project. Recycling helps reduce costs of new materials for future projects.


  1. Separate your Material: Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Insulated wires, Stainless Steel, Batteries, etc.
  2. Bring it to our location, or call us and we’ll come to you!
  3. Each type of material is then weighed by the pound.
  4. (Weight of your material) × (Price per pound) = Cash Back
  5. Immediate payment made to you or your company.


Just a few examples of recyclable material are…

Contractors – Aluminum frames, Appliances, Aluminum Windows, Brass Door fittings

Plumbers – Copper Pipe: K, L, M, Brass Fittings, Cocks & Faucets, Boiler Coils, Bath Roughins

Electricians – BX Aluminum Wire, Single Conductor, Tech Cable Junction Boxes, Electrical panels, Lumex

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Some Of Our Products Include


As buyers of aluminum we accept all types such as window and door frames, gutters, siding, and wheels.

Copper & Brass

There are many forms of brass that we accept, however the most common is plumbing and marine grade brass.

Insulated Copper Wire

There is a wide variety of uses for copper wire in today’s world, and there are quite a number of different grades/types of insulated copper wire.

Stainless Steel

Most types of food-grade material is comprised of stainless steel such as sinks and counter tops.  We accept many different grades of stainless steel with the most common types being 304 and 316.


From warehouse racking to appliances, we accept all forms of steel and pay by the ton.


This includes Low Grade Material and Catalytic Converters. Items containing a mixture of commodities are considered low-grade and is bought based on the recovery of aluminum or copper. All makes and models of catalytic converters are accepted.

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