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Davis Trading has a variety of metal recycling related locations around British Colombia, Alberta and California.

Davis Trading & Supply Ltd.

Davis Trading Ownership Group has a number of physical locations on the West Coast of North America operating in in both Canada and the USA. The details for each location are listed below. You may contact Brett  or Ryan with Davis Trading Brokerage for options into any of these locations and we can help get you the best prices for your product!

1100 Grant Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, V6A 2J6
Tel. 604.255.3111
Fax. 604.255.1355

Calgary Metal Recycling Inc.

One of the oldest recyclers & traders of metal in Calgary, located in the most convenient location the city has to offer for PAID metal recycling. The majority of our site is paved, with three drive on scales as well as two small material scales at our non-ferrous warehouse. You’ve never made money recycling so easily!

3415 Ogden Road SE, Calgary, Alberta, T2G 4N4
Tel. 604.262.4542
Fax. 604.262.1114

Metalex Products Ltd.

The leader in lead acid battery recycling in Vanouver & Western Canada. A producer of lead ignot, the company is the only combined battery processor and smelter in Western Canada with a recycling downstream for plastic and acid, nearly completely reducing any waste byproducts from the refinery.

2511 No. 5 Road, Richmond, British Columbia, V6X 2S8
Tel. 604.273.5487
Fax. 604.273.4782

Lee’s Iron & Metal

Established in 1958, the company is a pillar in the region’s recycling ecosystem; however, it is the newest in the Davis Group’s. A welcomed addition that contributes to the growing reputation and recycling footprint the company has across the western seaboard.

1315 Lee Dr, Vista, CA 92083, USA
Tel. +1 760-724-1330